All the Powerful Features your Organisation Needs

Explore our range of features providing you with the flexibility needed in a dynamic and constantly changing organisation. A set of well-proven tools in a secure toolbox that keeps evolving and growing.


Our flexible, secure and scalable system operates in the cloud, providing easy access from anywhere.

Professional Customer Support

Highly rated expert support available via email or phone.


WCAG 2.1-compliant, accessible and responsive user interface.

Booking management

Streamlined and efficient booking management tool promoting administrator co-operation.

Resource management

Advanced resource management for automatic reservation of premises, equipment or staff.

Digital Tickets

Issue, sell and validate QR-coded digital tickets.

Ticket Validation

QR-code ticket validation using handheld scanner or mobile device camera, with fast real-time attendance overview.

Automatic confirmations

Configure automatic confirmations, notifications and reminders to be distributed at specific booking phases.

Automatic & Flexible Pricing

Configure pricing policies using articles and flexible discount rules and extend these even more with customer contracts.


Updated booker, customer and reservation data in one place with CRM capabilities.


Issue vouchers with pre-defined values to be used as payment.

Automatic Resource Reservation

Advanced preconfiguration of programs and resources allows for automatic resource reservation.

Booking website builder

Render your own branded and user-friendly booking website entirely using your bookable programs and services.

Embed bookings into your website

Enable seamless booking directly on your website by embedding our booking tool.

Self-service booking displays

Today's program showcased on external displays, with possibility for quick self-service booking.


Create custom and re-usable reports for overview and statistics.


Modern API for integration with external systems.

Online payments

Accept digital payments via credit cards, mobile wallets and mobile transactions.

Invoice payments

Manage invoices and reminders with our lightweight invoicing tool.

Calendar integration

Sync and subscribe to resource reservation calendars with external calendar applications.

Resource Overview

Monitor resource reservation and utilisation with a comprehensive and configurable overview.

Multiple languages

Translate and present your booking website in multiple languages.

Multiple currencies

Accept payments in multiple currencies.

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