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Winterthur, Switzerland

Swiss Science Center

EXPO Booking has helped us go digital by selling up to 80% of our tickets online every day and managing around 3000 workshop bookings for school classes per year. It is easy for our customers to browse and book our offers – and it is simple for us to handle the growing number of online bookings on a daily basis.

And not only for our back office staff, thanks to EXPO Booking our team at the entrance is better prepared for groups visiting Technorama by having registration forms ready with all the information they need. In addition and what is most important to us, together with the dedicated team at EXPO Booking, we can discuss new ideas, tools and features in order to influence functionality in the system based on our needs and visions.

Sarah Kohler
Content Manager
Oslo, Norway

Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology

Resource management is the biggest advantage by far. With EXPO Booking we can trust that each reservation ensures premises, equipment and intermediaries are available at the right time. Another benefit I didn't know I would enjoy is that EXPO Booking also works well on mobile devices. This means I can confirm reservations, check the calendar and change resources regardless where I am.

Caspar Barth
Museum Educator
Vantaa, Finland

Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre

Expo Booking is used widely throughout our organization with sales, customer service and our inspirers being the most active users. The clear overview of school programs and planetarium movies encourages our customers to reserve desired times themselves, creating bookings which are fast & easy for us to confirm in the easy-to-use administration tool. This tool also provides the flexible reports we need to extract data. We can influence system upgrades by expressing requests for changes and development to the responsive team at EXPO Booking.

Minna Saari
Sales Representative
Gothenburg, Sweden


It sounds crazy thinking about it now, but before we used EXPO Booking we had to adapt our educational programs to suit our booking process. Today, the booking process is no longer a bottleneck for our creative ideas, and we are much more nimble responding to changes and demands. It has been a gradual change but compared to before we used EXPO Booking, it is a profound one!

Christian Sandberg
Science Communicator
Liberec, Czech Republic


When I first encountered EXPO Booking it was as if someone had read my mind, identified my needs and solved all the problems that bothered me while managing the increasing number of reservations at our Science Centre. Even the problems I didn't know about yet. Once we finished the implementation and started to use it, we were not disappointed. On the contrary, thanks to the flexibility of EXPO Booking we can easily manage most of our demanding requirements and the system grows with us.

Mgr. Petr Desenský
Science & Education manager
Västerås, Sweden


EXPO Booking is an important cog in our business machinery at Expectrum. What our coordinators use most is the quick overview of the weekly calendar and the allocation of our staff and premises. Another awesome feature is the Report Builder where we can easily get participant lists for courses and export contact information.

Erika Olsson
Kode Art Museums
Bergen, Norway

Kode Art Museums

With schools and groups booking themselves at times that suit them, we estimate saving at least 3,000 emails and phone calls a year, saving a lot of time on booking administration. As everyone in our organisation has access to an updated calendar at all times, EXPO Booking makes everyday life clearer, and with a few keystrokes we can get statistics we previously spent hours obtaining.

Elin Merete Flannum
Education Coordinator
National Museum of Science and Technology
Stockholm, Sweden

National Museum of Science and Technology

It is great that teachers can check availability themselves, to be able to see straight away what days and timeslots they can book for the school programs. Since the teachers usually are busy during office hour, the fact that they can complete the reservation any time of the day, makes life easier for them. What is also great is the possibility to book several school programs at the same time and being able to add a message with information about their class.

Bella Ranestedt
Booking Manager

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